Career paths


There are two distinct types of career paths here in Grundfos – management careers and specialist careers.

Management careers
This kind of career path focus on management skills, featuring training in personnel management with a view to becoming head of department or manager of a specific Grundfos function.

This may involve you moving away from your previous specialist field. In return, however, you get additional job satisfaction from more responsibility and from achieving results by motivating other people to do their jobs well.

Specialist careers
If you prefer to extend and improve your qualifications within your own particular specialist field, the Grundfos specialist career path is the most suitable.

Grundfos provides three forms of specialist careers:

· Project managers are the informal leaders of teams cooperating on specific development or improvement projects.

· Specialists focus on one particular specialist field, actively developing and improving their qualifications in a manner appropriate for that field.

· Skilled professionals have in-depth know-how in a particular field, obtained by tackling complex problems and by developing the field further.

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