Grundfos Indonesia Goes Healthy

Healthy Living

Since 1st July 2014 Grundfos Indonesia has been run this program. This program came from Mr. Gert Borrits as our Managing Director with purpose in improving employees general health in the company in terms of eating habits, smoking habits, working habits and working climate in terms of cleanness and happiness of being together in Grundfos Indonesia for a large part of the daily time.

We have set a Grundfos Indonesia target to over the next 6 month to reduce our combined weight with ½ TON (500 kg). We have 120 people in the company so each employee can reduce their weight for some 4 kg. The program will also try to assist and encourage our smokers to reduce or quit smoking.

To support the program, company already planned some fun activities, such as :

  • Providing fruit for the rest of the year
  • Online small workout session that for people to get a bit of exercise at their desk
  • Weekend walks around the area of Jakarta
  • Nutrition experts to conduct speeches in Grundfos Indonesia
  • Gym equipment ready in our Grundfos Indonesia's gym
  • Internal campaigns like posters, insite and email signature designs

We also have sports routine schedule :

  • Badminton Club every Friday at 6 PM
  • Yoga Club every Wednesday at 5 PM
  • Futsal Club every Wednesday at 5 PM
  • Cycling every Saturday at 9 AM

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