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Sustainable food and agriculture puts new business in the pipeline
A new report released by the UN’s Business and Sustainable Development Commission uncovers a huge business potential by rethinking ways of working with agriculture.
Bringing aluminium to life again and again
Every day 25 tons of aluminium go through our foundry. We care for our resources, when bars and reused material from our production are melted into new pump parts.
Visions are turned into reality
World Vision and Grundfos want to supply water to the world. The target is to provide millions of people with access to water by 2020. Already now, a significant milestone is reached.
DBS-SG Homecoming Together 2016
Return to hometown or also known as Mudik Bareng is one of Indonesian tradition
BEO Participation in Hilton Engineers Workshop
Taking the opportunity to approach Hilton Group chief engineer in Indonesia,