CBS Advanced Training


CBS Advanced Training

To complete the road show that has been made ​​directly to the end customer,

CBS team finished it off by conducting an advanced
level training for all CBS dealers over Indonesia. The training, which is the
first ever held at Grundfos Surabaya Office, participated by CBS dealers from
both west and east region.

The training was conducted from June 1st until June 3rd. For three days all participants got the reinvigoration of many things associated with CBS, such as; existing product portfolio, how to conduct most accurate and efficient selling, new product re-launch with the main focus is ASEAN Boosters. The trainers, led by CBS segment manager, Bintang Aritonang together with East Region Manager, Primus Jerry, devoted full attention to educate and to coach them all, so that after coming back from this advanced level training, each participant can give a real difference or contribution to their company through CBS's business, especially facing sluggishness market as it is today, they will able and more confidence to compete with competitors and win the orders.

Not only class room, for two days participants were also invited along to enjoy the city of Surabaya, culinary tasting, visiting shopping center, and do exercise. We hope all this will bring back the spirit of those who look a bit slack, especially in selling the CBS portfolio. Good luck.

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