DBS SCALA2 Master Dealer Launching


DBS SCALA2 Master Dealer Launching

On 22 April 2016 Domestic Building Service (DBS) segment held Master Dealer Meeting at Grand Mercure Hotel Jakarta participated by 15 Master Dealers and continued by SCALA2 launching to Master Dealers.

SCALA2 is The long awaited product to be launched Domestic Building Market.  This product reinforces Grundfos Band, in terms of technology and innovation, but the most important is it  creates a great value proposition for customers. Previously, on April 1st, SCALA2 sucessfully launched to internall Grundfos Indonesia, now it’s about time to introduce this unique Domestic Booster product to domestic market in Indonesia.   

“A game changer in Domestic Boosting is coming”

The tag relates to SCALA2, Why? It is because SCALA2 has many advantages and innovations compare to competitor’s product.SCALA2 is a professional trade product that will be a strong player both of our core channels throughout the region: Wholesale distribution and groundwater distributors, and provides  opportunity to not only go out and win market share but to change the game and expand the market in areas like shallow jet pump applications.

The launching opened by DBS APREG Regional Business Development Manager - Lars Ostergaard and Senior DWS Business Manager - F. Chandradinata. After unveiling SCALA2 demo running and SCALA2 hologram display, launching continued to product knowledge presentation by Lars Osteegaard. During presentation, all the advantages and features of SCALA2 were well explained to participants.

Afterwards, all participants were directed into special room with a nuanced of SCALA2, in this particular room, all participants were able to see and play SCALA2 running demo, which cannot be compared with competitors’ product. Various marketing materials, cutting product, and exhibition house were also featured in this room.

Finished with SCALA2 atmosphere, participants back to the meeting room. Afterwards they were divided into 3 groups, this is to simulate participant in order to be able to set marketing plan for POS. The aim is to align Master Dealers’s input with Grundfos strategy for better sales result at the end.  

All strategies emerged during presentations and discussions, example; running demo for POS, instore training for salesman and shopkeeper, leaflet, social media campaign, gimmick, trade promo, and POS closeness events.Event wrapped by F. Chandradinata. While wrapping up, Pre-sale Package of SCALA2 and JPC Smart offered to floor. The result was fantastic 1,500 units of SCALA2 and 1,205 units of JPC were ordered.

“The meeting and The product launching finished well with good arrangement. We optimist this product will be outperformed than competitor’s, but, we hope this variant can be upgraded in order to perform higher head with bigger capacity, and stronger pressure, SCALA2 is the best and good innovation”. Said Heri and Albert from Sinar Sukses Sempana, Master Dealer for West Sumatra.

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