DBS-SG Family Gathering to SeaWorld


DBS-SG Family Gathering to SeaWorld

In order to maintain strong relationship and give the highest appreciation for Sahabat Grundfos (SG)’s member, which is part of loyalty program,

DBS held family gathering in Seaworld, Ancol - Jakarta, on Sunday, May 29, 2016.
This event intended to seven members elected with highest achievement, and the selected participants are allowed to bring their families.

Jakarta SeaWorld Ancol has variety of collections, ranging from freshwater biota,
comprised of 22,000 fishes (126 types), 28 reptiles (5 types) to a marine biota
which consists of 5,180 fish (26 species), 79 invertebrates (13 species), 30
reptiles (5 types) and one mammal. SeaWorld Indonesia Ancol presents to provide entertainment, education and historical value that will always be remembered. SeaWorld Ancol operation carrying out three main missions: education, conservation and entertainment.

Seven families consisted of 28 people gathered in Grundfos Office at 08:00 am and back at 3:00 with pleasant experience.

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