DBS-SG Small Discussion


DBS-SG Small Discussion

Newest Small Discussion held on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at RM. Cibiuk, Bekasi.

This regularly event intended to all Sahabat Grundfos’s members. Twenty members joined in this event. The aims are to share; opinions, Grundfos updates, and to maintain the relationship.

By this event, we inform participants the transformation of basic line. Now, there will no basic or basic line title anymore. NS Basic and NF basic changed to NS, while KP Basic changed to KPC and KPC 24/7.

 During Small Discussion, we introduced small SP range, which sold by Domestic Building Services, with all features they have. We shared knowledge on how to use Grundfos Product Center (GPC) as well. GPC is one of the best sizing tool from Grundfos that can be used easily by customer in finding any products they are looking for.

 In this event, we asked them to try to use Grundfos Product Center in finding the best type of CMBE pump based on requirements we gave, and there were gimmicks to be given for winners. At the end, event closed by dinner, and again, before going home, participants still have change to get gifts, but off course if they were able to answer questions given by us. Eventually everybody was happy that night.

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