GNDC 2016 - Pro Trade


Grundfos National Dealer Conference 2016

A year has passed from the last annual dealer meeting,

it is about the time for dealers to back and to sit down with Grundfos team to discuss 2015's Sales, relate to results, problems that have occurred, missed opportunities as well as the strength that we have during one year, in order to be better in the 2016 's and ready for facing this dull market . Those were all topics cooked in Grundfos Pro Trade National Dealer Conference (GNDC) 2016. GNDC 2016 held at the end of Q1, from April 14th to April 15th in Surabaya and not in Jakarta, why ? Instead, there was intention to have meeting in Surabaya, yes, beside annual meeting, this time GNDC was intended to introduce the new Grundfos office building in Surabaya to all authorized dealers. The new office is the symbol and proof that Grundfos surely want to develop pump market in eastern region of Indonesia.

Back to GNDC, 30 owners from 23 dealers nation-wide together with GAS management team gathered in Surabaya on April 13th. Stayed in Hotel Mahapahit, a historic luxury hotel in Surabaya. Located at 65 Jalan Tunjungan. The hotel was founded in 1910 as Hotel Oranje by Lucas Martin Sarkies who commissioned Regent Alfred John Bidwell to design the hotel. The hotel opened on 1 July 1911. In 2014, Hotel Majapahit was officially recognized as a cultural heritage by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

April 13th evening,

after accommodation checking completed, all guest were welcomed in exotic garden dinner party. Being host, Gert Borrits welcome all guest with a short speech, then let everybody have the night. Beside enjoying delicious dinner, that evening , dealer presented modern dance performed by dancers from Surabaya.  End of dinner, dealer utilized the opportunity having social time with their fellow dealers and Grundfos team as well, some of them had a chance to vent their singing hobby with karaoke.

April 14th,

re-energized after enjoying welcome dinner, that's felt by dealers in the first morning of GNDC 2016. First day, dealers are expected to always be excited due to tight agenda until late afternoon. Meeting started with opening speech by President Director of PT. Grundfos Pompa, Gert Borrits, then continued sales presentation by New Sales Director , Imam Wahyu Hidayat. Furthermore, marathon sales presentation presented by Regional Sales Managers and Segment Manager. After lunch presentations from supporting departments  began, Operation getting the first opportunity followed by Finance. End second coffee break, open discussion opened, then first day meeting end with information regarding the selection of Grundfos Champion that will be selected on GNDC 2017 .After a long hard day of full day meeting, dealers were taken away for dinner to 1903 Restaurant, The 1903 having a fine dining concept restaurant, provide variant menu of both Eastern & Western, the atmosphere is design in old building which is so Colonial looks like and also very classic with grand piano inside. Having western cuisine, light chit chat and sharing information among dealer fellows and Grundfos team, truly refreshing. Then 1st day is end.

April 15th,

there were something different with 2nd day, yes, no more presentation, all finished day before. This day, dealers got opportunity to bring home something worthwhile to be professional dealer with proven competences.  Yes, there was special guest brought by Grundfos, " Irwan Hidayat " he is the CEO of one very successful traditional home remedies manufacture in Indonesia. Irwan Hidayat presented an align topic with GNDC's theme " From Family Business to Professional Management ". Not only listening, dealers also got change to ask anything, especially something that will benefit them in setting up new professional management back home.Finish motivation session, everybody is checking out and prepare to continue trip to visit Sampoerna House and having lunch there. After visiting new Grundfos Surabaya's Office building, seeing operation facilities equipped well is quite encouraging and convincing dealers, especially for eastern part of Indonesia, it shows them that Grundfos will 100% support them in expanding market. The end of second day is the end of GNDC 2016 everybody is rush back to hotel to officially close GNDC 2016, and return back home from there. See you in next GNDC 2017.

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