Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta visit to GAS


Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta visit to GAS

Again, as a commitment to improve education in Indonesia, PT. Grundfos Pompa opens its doors widely to welcome students of

Politeknik Pratama Mulia Surakarta visiting Jakarta's office & operation facility, this visit is part of study tour, a total of 86 people, consisting of 82 students and 4 lecturers, arrived at Grundfos office on May 25th. Greeted by Senior HR Manager - Aryuani, before entering into a training room,  group photos with President Director - Gert Borrits were taken.

After that, agenda continues with company and product profiles presented by
Supriyadi - Senior Engineering Manager. Finish presentation, students are
divided into several groups and headed to operation facilities to see assembling area, testing area, service area, and ware house. Each group has a leader (GAS Internal) who will explain all things and answer all questions while touring operation facilities from students.

Finish the tour,  group back to office, followed by a procession of gift exchange. It was seen that students and lecturers satisfied. We hope, by this study tour, they will have new paradigm and or at least ready to enter real world which full of  obstacles and challenges ahead.

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