Pump School 2017 - Module 1


Pump School 2017 - Module 1

Still in the beginning of 2017, Grundfos opens the opportunity for customers to attend training in the Pump Module 1.

As predicted, applicants for Pump School are getting a lot, not least for this time, almost more than 50 participants registered, but only 30 people are accepted. This meant that the concentration and the convenience of participants in the study maintained.

Pump School Module 1 this time lasted from 21 - 24 February, housed on the 2nd floor training room, and operating facilities Grundfos headquarters in Jakarta. Participants who admitted this time, apart from the employees of the Authorized-Dealer also from End-Users who come from several regions in Indonesia. They attend vigorously to gain knowledge from experts in the  Grundfos pump to bring back and then applied in each area later on after completion of training.


As usual opening new classes conducted by management, this time represented by the Senior Manager Service, Junaedis Sijabat. Then followed by a presentation by marketing a company profile, while the goal is to deepen the bond participants with Grundfos. In order to measure the level of absorption of the material by the participants, this time, before going to the subject matter shall first following the pre-test.

Four days of training began, from the first day until the third day; all participants attend classes and get the material from the pump theory, products, applications, up to handling the problem.

The material obtained by each participant in Pump School Module 1 are:

·   Basic pump technology

·   Ground water & SP engineering

·   Centrifugal in-line multistage CR products & applications

·   Centrifugal CM / CMV products & applications

·   MGE, CUE, product & application

·   Submersible drainage, Effluent and Sewage products & applications

·   Centrifugal end suction NKG / NBG products & applications

·   Centrifugal Horizontal Split Case products & applications

·   Centrifugal in line TP products & applications

·   PACO LF, CL, KP, products & applications

·   Installation, operation & maintenance centrifugal pumps

·   Basic Hydraulic & Pipe, friction loss calculation

·   Grundfos Product Center (GPC)

·   Workshop (Hands on training)


Every day, all of the subject matter presented by the presenters who are experts in the field. Do not just listen, everybody also get a chance to ask, it makes the classroom atmosphere becomes interactive and not rigid.  

On the fourth day, the participants to the facility under operation, here they not only listened but also asked to practice immediately, especially those directly related to the handling of products and applications. This session guided by the Grundfos service team, which is highly skilled and experienced. Afterwards, the participants introduced by assembling, testing, packaging, and final delivery process.

Came at the end of the training, before the closure of the training, participants are required to conduct post-test, to see how much of the material that has been taught for four days successfully absorbed. For participants who passed, would immediately get a certificate, while those who did not pass, will be given a  second chance to post test.

Before going home, like a habit that has lasted in Pump School, each participant must take group photos. Afterwards, the participants allowed returning to their respective regions armed by guns and bullets, which are certainly enough to fight and win Grundfos in market.

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