Pump School Session 1


Pump School Session 1

To build a relationship with all the customer and help them understand about our pump and how to use, Grundfos Indonesia held Pump School Session 1 for the first time in Indonesia

Day 1

September 9, 2014, is the first day of Pump School who is held by PT. Grundfos Pompa. Pump School is held at the office of PT. Grundfos Pompa - Grha Intirub 2nd floor is followed around by 36 participants.

On the first day, the study will be focused on the introduction of all Grundfos pumps as well as its applications. Participants were told what the usability and functionality of each type of Grundfos pump that is in the PT. Grundfos Pompa.

The lessons are taught by Mr. Supriyadi from Technical Department and Mr. Zaki Firdaus from Service Department on this first day, also teaches participants how to count the total height and so on.

In this first day, Mr. Gert Borrits our Managing Director also comes to say hi and give some speech to all participants.

Day 2

On the second day, 10 September 2014, the school followed and taught by Mr. Seprizal from Commercial Building Service (CBS) Deaprtment and Mr. Yurnalis from Service Department.

On this day devoted to learning more about the CR pump and also CR motors. Then, they also discusses the SP pumps, Booster, doosing alldoss and others. Participants will be taught how to count and how to work on the CR pump, motor, also SP pump and booster, even to the distribution.

Day 3

On the third day, 11 September 2014, was Mr. Bayu Kristanto from Service Department who teach and provide information.

The information submitted with discussion on Waste Water segments. Not only that, Mr. Bayu also discussed the household waste pumps, floods and so on. Of course this is related to the which pump being used.

On this third day, participants not only learn in the classroom, but also practices in our warehouse as we promised before. They learn how to run dosing, pump linement Paco / NKG, SP, booster CMBE, apart pairs of CR pump and so on. Participants seemed very enthusiastic in this section.

Day 4

On the fourth day, 12 September 2014, the last day of this first session of Pump School. This day is Mr. Robby Suprato from Domestic Building Service Department and Mr. Abdul Manaf from Service Department turns to provide the information.

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