Roadshow Socialization Dealer's KPI


In order to strengthen the understanding of Dealer KPI’s points, so with the understanding, dealers are expected can achieve their KPI’s targets.

GAS Regional West Team, held a series of KPI road show socialization, led by Charis  Muwardi, team started in West Java, the three authorized dealers in Bandung; Mega, Sari Amandamai, & Planeet, gathered in a half-day briefing on February 17th at Ivory Hotel. This opportunity was used by all three dealers to inquire all the things that have been still unclear
based on them. In the end, all three dealers felt well understand, now they know what they need to do in order to be able to meet their KPI points which are still left behind or have not been fulfilled yet.

Further, to the next the road show,
Jakarta became the second target, on March 7th, the four’s Jakarta authorized dealers; AIR, PURI, Sahabat Waskita, and CIB are invited to attend the Dealer's KPI socialization at GAS office in Halim. Just like in Bandung, Charis Murwardi back in the lead, after the explanation given, the dealers were given the opportunity to ask all the things that they feel less understood, the new Sales Director Imam Wahyu Hidayat also attended and provided
some briefing for dealers. It is hoped that after completion of this socialization, dealers will have more spirit to be able to achieve their KPI targets.



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