SP Hunters Road Shows 2016 (Part 02)


SP Hunters Road Show 2016 (Part 02)

To maintain the spirit in regaining back market share, GAS SP Attack Team back to battle field (East Region).

Elsewhere, East Region Team, started the campaign in March along with CV. Teknik Pompa Team " The Authorized Dealer for Jawa Tengah ". Led by Primus Jerry as the regional sales manager, road shows directly to end users attending BP-SPAM Technical Guidance Pumping System in 8 regions within 1st trip. Participant in each region could reach 100 people (Minimum 50 People) where they usually are the village leaders or decision makers, we have to ensure that our brand securely kept on their mind set indeed. Therefore, although the implementation of time schedule of visit among regions are very tight, team stay motivated to guerrilla to visit each region one by one. And as per West Region, SP product knowledge with heavy on Medium SP range, accessories such as; TML-B Cable, CTK, Panel, and complete package promo that offers extra Warranty time periode are the main course which obligate to be addressed to participants in each region. Beside technical knowledge, Grundfos’s souvenirs & SP Brochure in goody bags also given to all participant at the end of each event. The 1st trip for 8 regions successfully conducted. Now, East Region Team together with CV. Teknik Pompa team is in the middle of 2nd trip which more places to be visted, 11 regions exactly. The method & treatment are still equal with 1st trip. At the, we hope this kind of good collaboration can be implemented in other areas as well.

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