SP Road Show Gathering (Continued Jakarta)


SP Road Show Gathering (Continued Jakarta)

Keep on attacking, SP Hunter Team returned back to Jakarta

After intensive discussion finding suitable day for next gathering in Jakarta, in collaborated with PT. Puri Teknik Mandiri, June 3rd had decided to be the day. Taken place at Hotel 88 locates in Mangga Besar, Jakarta Pusat. Both team gathered in hotel at 16.00 WIB, for preparing this 1st gathering ever for Puri Teknik, a special promo will be launched by Puri in the middle of event align with SP complete sales package presentation. 10 professional drilling companies were present that night.

Opened by Charis Murwardi as GAS Regional West Manager and continued by Leonardi as Puri's Director, the agenda run as usual; product presentation and Q&A presented by Septiaji as GAS-SP Driver, again he explained in depth anything about Medium SP range, SP Accessories, and the new Complete Sales Package which offers extended time of warranty as well. To support the program, Puri gives an additional discount for participant if they want to buy the package within two weeks from this day. Time passes quickly, before closing, door prizes session that have been awaited held. Finally this first time well driller gathering  for Puri Teknik was running successfully and every body was happy going home.

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