Engagement for sustainability

From our employees walking for water to create awareness to our senior leaders creating sustainable mindsets. We believe that the key to engagement for sustainability is to get engaged and to stay engaged, both as people and as a company, wherever we are in the world.  

Mads Nipper at the UN

Mads Nipper at the UN

Sustainability is the very essence of every company that wants something greater than just short-term profit, and it goes well beyond a department or a report, CEO Mads Nipper tells global leaders at the United Nations.


New member of BSDC

How to get more companies to include sustainability in their strategy and business plans. That is the ambitious aim and challenge of a prestigious international commission, whose newest member is Grundfos CEO, Mads Nipper.

Why does the world do not have a sustainable water management policy?

"We agree that water is critical to life and to civilization. But why does the world do not have a sustainable water management policy?" Our Asia-Pacific senior vice president for sales Okay Barutcu explains why water and energy is an inseparable pair and why the world has to find sustainable solutions for our precious source at TEDxNTU, Singapore.

(Photo & video by TEDx and TEDxNTU)

Nøhr at the US Congress

Nøhr at the US Congress

Water and sustainability are global challenges. Solving them takes the right people, making the right choices. Kim Nøhr Skibsted spoke about the issues and opportunities at the United States Congress.

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