Process water - Buildings



Process water – Buildings

Industrial buildings all over the world benefit from Grundfos' extensive know-how about process water applications. Our thoroughly tried and tested pump solutions operate flawlessly in shower facilities and in cooling and air-conditioning systems, making sure that the quality of the circulated water is that of drinking water.

Legionella bacteria in building process water should be avoided at all costs to make sure that people stay healthy. This initially requires treatment of the water. Grundfos offers a top-of-the-line chlorine dioxide disinfection system, which efficiently destroys all bio-film in pipes and hot water tanks to ensure that bacteria growth is prevented. Digital dosing pumps accurately dose the chemical in a cost-effective manner that also eliminates the risk of overdosing. Throughout the process the water quality is monitored to guarantee safety. Moreover, reliable measurement and control solutions are available. These can be customised to meet individual requirements throughout the process.

The treated process water is efficiently circulated through the pipes by means of single-stage, multistage or booster pumps.

Bacteria growth must be avoided in building process water to protect the health of the people working there.Grundfos offers unmatched disinfection solutions that will eliminate all bio-film to ensure that bacteria growth is made difficult.


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