Process Water - High purity



Process water – High purity

In critical processes where the purity of the water can make all the difference, Grundfos offers complete peace of mind. Backed by advanced technology and years of experience, our range of pumps makes for reliable and smooth operation in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries where expensive downtime is not an option

Initially, single-stage or multistage pumps transport the water to the disinfection and treatment processes. Once the process water is treated, it is essential that the purity remains exactly the same during transportation to the consecutive process steps. Grundfos' sanitary pumps feature electro-polished surfaces that have been optimised to handle high purity water with great care – even the extremely delicate ultrapure water that must be completely free from particles.

Naturally, advanced digital dosing pumps and disinfection systems are available to support the process of making high purity water.

All sanitary pumps are CIP and SIP-compatible, allowing the pipes, tanks and process lines to be efficiently cleaned without dismantling any equipment. The process is further accelerated by means of precise dosing pumps that add only the necessary amount of chemical, making sure that a minimum of subsequent flushing is required. Which in turn saves both time and money.

Ultrapure water is an aggressive liquid that is hard on the pump.Grundfos' sanitary pumps are made from stainless steel and further feature certified shaft seals that meet every norm and design criteria.

Important notes

  • All Grundfos pump solutions for the pharmaceutical industry can be supplied with relevant certificates.

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