Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day


Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day


Merdeka is independence words mean, that word symbols as the fighting spirit in
the Indonesian warrior who serve this country and fought for Indonesian freedom
when the war, but today we uses that word as we honor them. Indonesian  Independence day always being the happiest day for every person in this country, they usually celebrate this day by cleaning reviews their place put the Indonesian flag in front of reviews their place and the games never absent.

In order to celebrate and enliven the Indonesian 71 years Independence day, PT. Grundfos Pompa conducted a series of activities focused on August 17, 2016. From decorating lobby on the 3rd floor, to the training room, on the 2nd floor, with a typical of independence day decoration which is red and white.

Independence day festivities continued to ware house, at 16:30 all employees gathered together, to participate some kind of a typical 17's race. The event began with a welcome speech from Gert Borrits, on that occasion, he also appreciates the success of GAS exceeded sales targets in July, after that, event continued by singing Indonesian national anthem together.

Furthermore, continued by distributing of prizes to employees upon the   successful achievement of sales in July by Gert Borrits. Then the race starts, the first race is Clogs Race, but due to technical barriers, the race canceled, followed by race sarong somewhat different from the usual shape of the race.

Finally, after a hard struggle, the team that won the first, is the Service Team, followed by a second championship Customer Care, and third place, Sales Team & Finance Team. As the days are getting evening,  Indonesia's independence day celebrations was over, everyone was happy can participate even if only once a year.