DBS at Pekanbaru



DBS participated in seminars and gathering of Pekanbaru’ Chef Engineer Association. The theme of this seminar and exhibition is "Smart Maintenance Increase Profit". This theme goals is to strengthen the knowledge of the friendly and efficiently technology transfer of environmentally and also all about saving energy.

This event held on Saturday, October 16, 2015 at the Grand Ballroom Mutiara Merdeka Hotel, Pekanbaru.

The DBS team participated as a gold sponsor. As a gold sponsor, they got an opportunity to open a booth. In this big chance, they bring some of DBS product series and also SQ Running Demo. The team also give a presentation about SQ Pump to all participants.

In Pekanbaru, there were some association called ACE (Association of Chef Engineer) Pekanbaru. This association is a professional organization that engaged in the maintenance of building and industrial building in Pekanbaru, and has been formed since 2004. ACE Pekanbaru has a lot off members. They are all the chief engineer of entire hotels, apartments, mall, and hospitals in Pekanbaru.

Hopefully with this seminar, all the Chief Engineer in Pekanbaru will more loyal to Grundfos because they already got a knowledge about Grundfos products and the advantages.