GINSAC: 2nd Semester

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Sales coordination facing the second half

The challenge of sales in 2017 is quite difficult; market conditions that still wait and see to make the condition of sales is not easy. To deal with, the Pro Trade segment holds a regular meeting of the sales team in the middle of 2017, on 11-12 July.

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For two days,

the team conducted a sales evaluation for 1st semester and prepared a series of strategies to face the 2nd semester. The meeting led by Sales Director - Jens Ove Frederiksen.

This time the meeting was different, attended by APREG Regional Managing Director - Okay Barutcu, South Asia Area Managing Director - Chee Kuan Leong, and General Manager of Grundfos Indonesia Giancarlo Roggiolani.



In order to give a fresh and fun atmosphere,

some new programs that have never been done before are given, such as; Light gymnastics at the beginning of the event guided by a pretty professional instructor, segment juices and cha time fresh drink at coffee breaks, and the food segment huts. Not only that, this time, the meeting participants also being pranked, a pizza table that contains the heads of people set up to surprise everyone who wants to take the pizza, at the end was quite a lot of pranked.

Finally, we hope this time GINSAC meeting will give new spirit and guidance to the sales team in facing rough time ahead.