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SZATMÁRI and Grundfos CRT pumps





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The Hungarian company Szatmári has been processing fresh fruits and vegetables mainly from the Szabolcs-Szatmár cultivation region, since 1965. Szatmári’s production is limited to a relatively short period of the year; approximately 4 months. When it is high season for cultivating fruits and vegetables it is season for processing of fruits and vegetables as well. Therefore, it is crucial that the production process is well organised and runs smoothly, with a minimal risk of unplanned shutdowns.

The Situation
The liquid used for the processing of fruits and vegetables has a very high content of salt. When the saline liquid is heated up to a high temperature, the content of free chloride increases. This results in a solution, which is aggressive and not least corrosive. Previously, Szatmári’s pumping system was not able to deal with the aggressive saline liquid. Consequently, their productive equipment, especially the stainless steel pipework was perforated by corrosion attacks, and had to be put to a standstill regularly.

Szatmári already used Grundfos pumps elsewhere in their production, and thus knew from experience that the pumps supplied by Grundfos, were high-quality products. Therefore, Szatmári decided to contact Grundfos in order to find a solution that could meet their requirements as to corrosion resistance, service level, minimum maintenance, easy installation and high efficiency.

The Grundfos Solution
The Grundfos CRT pump is made of titanium. In fact, all the components in the pump which are in contact with the pumped liquid are made of titanium. To a higher degree than any other metal, titanium is resistant to corrosion attacks in aggressive liquids, that is saline environments. A highly stable oxide film forms spontanously when the metal surface is exposed to air or moisture, and thereby protects the metal’s surface against corrosion attacks.

The Grundfos CRT pumps are highly reliable and highly efficient pumps, and bring about all the other advantages that characterise the standard CR programme. Cost-consuming repair and maintenace is an exception to the rule as is the number of downtimes per pump.

The Outcome
Szatmári decided to replace all their old pumps by Grundfos CRT pumps; in total 17 pumps were replaced. According to Szatmári, the Grundfos CRT pumps have solved the problem. The titanium pumps handle the saline liquid persuasively and frequent corrosion is a thing of the past. Consequently, the lifespan of the pumps in Szatmári’s production has increased at the same time as the number of downtimes due to service has decreased.

“We are impressed by the Grundfos CRT pumps. They provide a reliable and efficient production”, says the technical director István Nagy at Szatmarí.


Corrosion-resistant solution
Minimum maintenance
High reliability
Optimum efficiency


The filling liquid is produced in a mixing tank and stored in central storage tanks. From here, CRT 8 pumps deliver it to the local tanks.image dropshadow

17 CRT 4-20 and CRT 8-20 pumps


.image dropshadow

From the local storage tank, two CRT 4 or one CRT 8 circulate the liquid through a heat exchanger until it reaches the required temperature (approx. 80-90° C) to be delivered to the filling line. This process is controlled by a PLC system.


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