Heating Products

Heating Products
New Alpha 2

Four New Features Has Made The ALPHA2 Even Tougher

Robust start-up: Shakes free any impurities before the pump starts at the beginning of the heating season

Summer mode: Adjustment of the pump’s performance in the summer to the warmer temperature outside – giving customers extra energy efficiency

Magnetite resistance: Ensures that no small pieces of metal get stuck in the pump’s vital parts leaving it vulnerable to failure

Dry-running protection: Makes sure your pump never runs without liquid in the system

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New Magna 3

The Intelligent MAGNA3 All-purpose Pump. Easy Installation.

The best all-purpose circulator on the market gives you the best installations out there.

From cuts power consumption with up to 85%, Easy to install, operate and maintain and The AUTOADAPT function means that eight out of every 10 installations can rely on this feature to automatically select the optimal setting

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