Gentle handling is particularly important in butter production, making Grundfos' range of sanitary pumps highly suitable for this application. We do not believe in making compromises when it comes to quality and so reliability and optimum performance go hand in hand throughout the process.

Milk reception: In by far the majority of dairies the milk is transported from the milk tanker into the tanks using a single-stage centrifugal pump. If higher pressure is required, a multi-stage pump is available. In order to completely empty the milk tanker, a single-stage self-priming pump, creating vacuum on its own, can be supplied.

Milk treatment: During the treatment process single-stage centrifugal pumps transport the milk from one tank to the next, while an end-suction pump enables quick heating of the milk to kill all bacteria – and an equally quick cooling process. A speedy pasteurisation is crucial in order to protect the flavour of the milk.

Process: Following the milk treatment, the separated cream is moved to process tanks by single-stage centrifugal pumps. Before the pasteurisation and subsequent cooling, lobe pumps accurately dose an additive that ripens the cream. Once the cream is ready for further processing, single-stage centrifugal pumps or lobe pumps feed the continuous butter churner. The required pump depends on the viscosity of the liquid. If buffer tanks are used, lobe pumps are ideal for transporting the butter from here to the packing machines. With great care and precision.

In butter production the liquid becomes increasingly viscous.Grundfos' lobe pumps have been developed to gently handle highly viscous liquid.
In order to protect the flavour of the milk – and consequently ensure high quality in the finished product – a very quick heating and cooling process is crucial.Grundfos’ end-suction pump enables efficient pasteurisation of the milk to kill all bacteria.
Maximum hygiene is essential in all dairies.All Grundfos' sanitary pumps are CIP -compatible, allowing tanks, pipes and process lines to be efficiently cleaned without having to dismantle the equipment. Precise dosing pumps speed up the CIP-process by adding only the necessary detergent, consequently reducing the flushing of the system. Every CIP-system is followed by a single-stage self-priming pump that removes every last drop of detergent in tanks and pipes by circulating rinsing water. A CIP-system can also be applied to the milk tanker to allow easy and 100% reliable cleaning of the inside of the tank.
In dairies it can be necessary to adjust the production speed to match the speed of the packing machines.Grundfos offers advanced E-solutions that will automatically adjust the speed of the pumps, ensuring that the packing process is able to keep up with production itself. Safe communication with Profibus is possible.

Important notes

  • All Grundfos’ sanitary pumps carry the EHEDG certificate. Certain models carry the 3A certificate.
  • Choose SiC/SiC mechanical shaft seals if the oxidizing disinfection agents could potentially cause corrosion.
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