Commercial heating



Plan heating systems from the outside in
Knowing the flows and temperatures required for radiators, under-floor heating, etc., lets you design your system based on known demands on central equipment. Our external controls and integrated frequency converters ensure maximum system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest costs. Contact us in the design stage for the best start to your project.

Think about the whole system
In heating systems, energy efficient pumps are only half the story. With the right system design, you can minimise energy consumption, increase comfort levels and future-proof your building. Grundfos can help you do all of this.

Speed control
Speed-controlled pumps are key to an efficient and noiseless system. Grundfos speed-controlled pumps can be controlled by variations in pressure, temperature, flow, differential pressure or any other specific measurable parameter. This ensures high efficiency, low energy consumption and ultimately the best life cycle cost.

Grundfos solutions
Grundfos offers pump solutions and system know-how that can help you design and build the most efficient commercial buildings, whether you need air conditioning systems, fire protection, wastewater handling, pressure boosting, or heating.

Whatever you need, call Grundfos as soon as you start designing.



Grundfos Pumps and Know-How for Heating Systems

Heating - Commercial Buildings

Grundfos Pumps and Know-How for Heating Systems

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