Surface cleaning



Surface cleaning

Offering a wide temperature range – from -10 °C to 120 °C – Grundfos’ pumps are ideal for the removal of virtually all substances in surface cleaning applications. A double-seal construction ensures that the aggressive media used in cleaning processes stay safely inside the pump – rather than polluting the surrounding environment or posing a danger to people working in the assembly area. The rubber used in the shaft seal efficiently withstands even aggressive chemical liquids to ensure smooth operation by every Grundfos pump designed for surface cleaning applications. Accommodating narrow spaces the range comprises small, compact pumps, which are just as efficient as the larger models.

Grundfos also offers supreme pump solutions for discontinuous bath or robotic cleaning applications with high pressure.

All surface cleaning pumps are available in stainless steel and can be supplied with E-motors from our advanced E-solution programme to increase efficiency and perfectly control processes.


Energy efficiency is an increasingly important issue in the automotive industry.Grundfos’ highly reliable pumps can be supplied with an integrated frequency converted MGE motor or a CUE system to optimise and control processes further. 

Important notes

  • All Grundfos pumps specially developed for the automotive industry are manufactured with silicone-free components.
  • All pumps used in surface cleaning applications for the automotive industry are fitted with high-efficiency EFF1 motors.

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