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Grundfos develops and manufactures water disinfection and dosing pumps and systems for all types of commercial buildings. We are experts in water disinfection, anti-scaling, antifouling and anti-corrosion for domestic water systems, air conditioning systems, boiler and heating systems. Our in-depth knowledge of the challenges that consultants, contractors and investors face makes us the right choice. We are looking forward to being of assistance.

Domestic water
The water we drink and shower in must be free from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus spores to prevent illnesses like legionella. Grundfos provides a range of disinfection solutions for domestic water systems that are guaranteed to keep end users healthy.

Air conditioning, boiler and heating systems
In air conditioning, boiler and heating systems, the challenge is to keep pipes free from corrosion to prevent the growth of bacteria. Grundfos has a series of effective solutions for keeping air conditioning systems clean and safe.

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