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Initial costs (Cic)
In the calculation of life cycle cost, the initial cost of a pumping system covers all the equipment and accessories needed to operate the system.
Inlet pressure
Inlet pressure describes the pressure available where the suction pipe meets the booster pump.
Installation and commissioning costs (Cin)
The calculation of life cycle cost includes the cost of installing and commissioning a pumping system.
Intergranular corrosion
Metallic corrosion involves the loss of metal at a spot on an exposed surface.
Internal circulation
Sometimes it is necessary to cool the seal faces in a centrifugal pump with a single mechanical shaft seal or remove deposits in the seal chamber. Fitting a circulation pipe can solve this problem.
Introduction to LCC
The life cycle cost of any equipment is the total lifetime costs of purchasing, installing, operating, maintaining and disposing of that piece of equipment.
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change) is a leading body for the measurement of climate change.
Kv value
The kv value expresses the amount of flow in a regulating valve at a given valve position with a pressure loss of 1 bar.
Kvs value
The Kvs value expresses the amount of flow in a regulating valve at a fully-open valve position and a pressure differential of 1 bar.
Lambda value
The heat conductivity of a material is known as its lambda value.