The Alpha2 topic teaches you everything you need to know about this classic small circulator - from benefits to installation and control modes.



ALPHA2 Introduction

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Discover the new Alpha 2 in this informative two-minute video introduction.

ALPHA2 Replacement

Estimated time - min

Learn how to replace an older pump with the new Alpha2 in just a couple of minutes.

ALPHA2 Plug Assembly

Estimated time - min

Learn how to assemble the plug for Alpha2 in less than 40 seconds.

ALPHA2 Control Models

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Learn when to use each of the 10 different control modes in your new Alpha2 circulator.

ALPHA2 Homeowner benefits

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Help homeowners make better choices based on a full understanding of Alpha2 benefits.

ALPHA2 trouble-free installation

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Find out the benefits of using an ALPHA2 in demanding operational environments.