Grundfos COMFORT is our range of hot water supply systems for domestic applications. In this topic you will dive into COMFORT and all the advanced technologies it’s built on.

Grundfos Comfort


Introducing Grundfos Comfort

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Taking hot water supply in new directions.

Homeowner benefits

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Grundfos COMFORT – what’s in it for your customers?

Permanent magnet motor technology

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Get better acquainted with the engine of COMFORT

Calender controlled operation

What is calendar control, and how does it work?

Installation and commissioning

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Find out just how easy Grundfos COMFORT is to install.

Features checklist

Refresh your knowledge of all the great COMFORT features

AUTOADAPT in brief

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AUTOADAPT in the Grundfos COMFORT range.

About hot water recirculation systems

A brief review of how recirculation systems work.

Calculate your savings

A quick and convenient online savings calculator.