Features checklist

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Features checklist

The following ‘checklist’ presents some of COMFORT’s main features and benefits.

Compact design
COMFORT has a compact design that makes installation in confined spaces very easy.

Insulation shells
COMFORT is fitted with insulation shells to avoid heat loss.

Corrosion-resistant brass
COMFORT’s pump housing is made of corrosion-resistant brass, making it the optimum choice for potable water and open systems.

ALPHA plug
COMFORT PM variants are fitted with an ALPHA plug for easy connection without opening the terminal box.

3 operating modes
COMFORT has 3 different operating modes:
1. 100%: the pump run constantly at full speed
2. Temperature: keeps the water temperature within an automatically detected range in the individual system.
3. AUTOADAPT: learns, stores and adapts operation time to the consumption pattern.

Temperature Sensor
The sensor is simply mounted on the supply pipe.

Integrated sensor
COMFORT’s integrated sensor has a convenient cable roll-up


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